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Helping your child make the most of every opportunity.

Every child has their own battles, our mission is to help them overcome those so they can enjoy every aspect of their lives, from the classroom, to home, to Saturday sport and much more!
At Kids OT, we can help You and Your Child with concentration, fine motor skills, learning, memory skills and so much more. Reach out today and make the first steps. we’re here to help

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Does your child need support with:

– Concentration or learning difficulties?

– Drawing, handwriting or cutting with scissors?

– Learning to spell, read and sight word retention?

– Learning to dress or use utensils such as spoons, knives and forks?

– Memory skills?

– Coordinating body movement when skipping, running or playing ball games?

– Playing with toys such as puzzles, building blocks and beads?

– Social or communication skills?


Kids OT provides specialised Paediatric Occupational Therapy and intervention for children, their families and teachers. Working in a fun and positive environment, our experienced therapists work with children and adolescents in overcoming learning and developmental issues and assist them to function confidently, optimally and independently.

Our Paediatric Occupational Therapists focus on developing a wide range of skills, which are fundamental in facilitating academic learning and enable children to carry out their life roles to their maximum potential. These skills include, but are not limited to: fine motor and handwriting skills, gross motor skills, visual perception, information processing, sensory processing, attention, social development and general development.

Occupational Therapists at KidsOT are registered Medicare Providers. There are various Medicare Schemes that may provide partial reimbursement for occupational therapy services. These schemes require enrolment by your GP or your paediatrician.

KidsOT is an approved Better Start provider. Better Start Funding can be used to pay for services at KidsOT. Please note that an admin charge will apply to all Better Start Funding claims.

KidsOT is an approved FaHSIA provider. FaHCSIA Funding can be used to pay for services at KidsOT. Please note that an admin charge will apply to all FaHCSIA claims.

Occupational Therapy and group programs are claimable through private health insurance.


Free Drop-In Clinic
KidsOT have recognised that at times parents need to go from pillar to post to identify the best intervention route to support their child. To save parents money KidsOT has developed and are excited to offer a FREE OT, Speech and Behavioural Support DROP IN CLINIC to consult with parents snd screen children regarding their concerns and possible intervention needs.
Come see us, we are located at:

Suite 4308, Level 3
Dee Why Grand Commercial Tower
834 Pittwater Road, Dee Why NSW 2099.

The clinic operates Thursdays, from 2:30-3:15pm weekly, excluding school holiday periods and public holidays.

No bookings necessary. All questions welcome!