We work with children and their families who are experiencing difficulty developing skills or who simply need their skills refined to enable them to achieve their true ability.


Fine motor skills

  • Handwriting skills.
    • Includes grip and handwriting mechanics, letter formations, legibility, spatial organisation of written work, writing speed and fluency.

Gross motor skills

  • Includes strength, muscle tone, motor coordination and motor planning required to perform activities with larger muscle groups such as hopping, skipping, riding a bicycle and swimming.

Visual perceptual skills

  • Foundation for copying, reading, spelling, sight word retention, numeracy, comprehension & written expression.

Information processing

  • Includes memory systems and organisational skills, written expression skills (planning, sequencing and organising ideas and communicating these in writing).

Sensory processing

  • Sensory modulation including sensory defensive and sensory seeking behaviours.
  • Sensory regulation involving regulating a child’s arousal state (if too heightened [overactive] or underaroused [underactive]).

Attention and concentration

  • Maintaining attention over time. Modulating attention (broadening and narrowing focus and attention). – Shifting attention – Maintaining visual attention to task.

Activities of daily living

  • Includes self help skills for feeding dressing, bathing and independence in daily self help skills.