How to take a great photo with Santa and our top toy recommendations!

Christmas is no ordinary time of year, it’s the most magical time of year! The countdown is on as children eagerly await a visit from Santa and his reindeers. While it’s a happy and joyous time, for parents it can also be a very stressful one.

Santa photos make wonderful family memories, but getting the right photo can be a challenge with lots of tears and your child clinging on to you like theres no tomorrow. We have put together a few tips on how to get a great photo with Santa without it being a traumatic experience for your child.

Tips on how to take a great photo with Santa:

  1. Talk and plan the visit step-by-step before going
  2. Go at a quieter time within the shopping centre
  3. Go at an earlier time when your child is not tired
  4. Provide immediate positive reward afterwards
  5. Prepare 3 items for your child to ask Santa for

One thing children associate with Christmas is presents! As a parent, the best kind of present is one that’s fun and exciting for your child but still has educational and skill building value. Here are our top toy picks and stocking fillers recommended by our Occupational Therapists that continue to work on motor skills, information processing and concentration and are still FUN!

Kids OT top toy recommendations:

Games and activities:



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