Occupational Therapy for Children!


Every child has their own battles, our mission is to help them overcome those so they can enjoy every aspect of their lives, from the classroom, to home, to Saturday sport and much more!

At Kids OT, we can help you and your child with concentration, fine motor skills, learning, memory skills and so much more.


Reach out today and make the first steps. we’re here to help!

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Professional Occupational Therapy

For any concerns about your child ages 6 months - 18 years old

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Professional Speech Therapy

For Speech, Language and Literacy

Professional Behavioural Management

For any concerns about your childs behaviour

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Multi-Disciplinary Early Childhood

Group intervention for ages 3.5 years old to 6 years old


Specialised Martial Arts Program


For kids and adolescents aged 3 years old and upwards​

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Community Workshops

For Parents, Educators and Allied Health Professionals