The Early Childhood Intensive Program is designed to assist children to concentrate, focus and retain information through a variety of activities. The areas which the program will focus on are as follows:

  • increasing focus to task for increased durations
  • modulating focus of attention (broadening and narrowing of focus)
  • zooming senses (eyes, ears, touch – in and out spontaneously)
  • cognitive strategies


  • working memory capacity/ mechanics.
  • reducing inattention and distractibility
  • tuning in and tuning out
  • linking phonological loop and visual spatial scratch pad for information storage.


  • maintaining an optimal arousal state
  • filtering out external environmental distraction (noise, movement, visuals)
  • Categorising information
  • Memory retrieval strategies


Our Working Memory is universally regarded as a better predictor of academic success than IQ. Development of Working Memory, at 4 years of age is critical to learning success throughout life.

  • working memory capacity
  • working memory mechanics


  • visual verbal linking of information
  • long term memory


  • storage and retrieval strategies
  • learning generalisation