Early Childhood Intensive Program (ECIP)

Kids OT has launched a program with a multidisciplinary approach to deliver an early intervention program designed by a team of specialists. The program is designed to compliment preschool and daycare learning to develop children between 3.5 & 6 years old. 

*Please note, children must be toilet trained and immunised to join the program.

The ECIP Purpose

  1. To provide an affordable and efficient program that develops core skills which capitalizes on the critical early years to set a child up for success in their current and future settings with a particular focus on success at preschool and school by establishing the learning tools, social skills, emotional control, motor and cognitive skills required for success in current and future life roles.

  2. To provide a natural setting for generalisation and integration of skills, while allowing for individual focus and development.

  3. To recognise each person has a number of strengths and areas to develop and each person is a complex and integrated being requiring a program which integrates evidence-based practice from a range of specialists in child development and a multi-disciplinary approach to develop each child in a comprehensive way.


 ​​The program focuses on developing Children age between 3.5 years old and 6 years old across a range of neurological & physical skills in a daylong intervention environment, to learn and develop early childhood skills and enhance their home, pre-school & social life preparation for the transition to BIG school.

The curriculum includes a variety of activities helping kids to improve focus, behaviour impulse control, emotional regulation cognitive strategies, information processing skills and motor development (fine and gross motor).

ECIP utilises the power of intensive intervention, given its proven effectiveness in achieving outcomes. The curriculum also includes a screening report four times annually to indicate their neurological/physical developmental milestones.

Interdisciplinary Program
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