Each member of the Kids OT team has extensive knowledge and experience
working with children with various disorders and challenges such as;

Learning Difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorders, Information Processing Difficulties, Visual Perceptual Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder, Developmental Delay, Neurological Disorders, Physical Disabilities, Emotional & Behavioural Disorders, as well as specific difficulties with handwriting and fine motor tasks, low muscle tone, poor motor planning and coordination, memory weakness and many others.

Our team has a strong focus on being a family-centred practice and works closely with the family and child to develop individualised intervention programs. Our therapists regularly liaise with education staff and other relevant professionals to ensure consistency and collaboration of their service enabling each child to achieve their best results.

Kids OT was established by Amanda Parsons in 2003. Amanda completed both her Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy and Masters of Health Science in Occupational Therapy at The University of Sydney majoring in Paediatrics. Being fully certified in Sensory Integration, Amanda has worked in Sensory Integration Clinics in Australia and the UK such as Sydney Children’s Hospital as well as Private Practice and trained therapists internationally. Amanda also has certification in the latest therapeutic techniques including Neuro-Developmental Treatment techniques (NDT), Therapeutic Listening, Therapressure (’Brushing’), the Alert Program and Interactive Metronome.


Young Ho Bae holds a Bachelor of Exercises Science awarded from Australian Catholic University. Young Ho has been a significant member of the Kids OT team since 2007. Young Ho heads the Martial Methods team and Interactive Metronome. As a practitioner and Martial Arts Instructor, he is adored by the children he treats and highly respected by their families. His passion and enthusiasm shine in the results and smiles of the children. Young Ho has a background in Special Forces. He holds a black belt in Taekwondo and Judo and trains at professional levels in BJJ, Olympic wrestling and boxing. Young Ho has a particular interest in Neuroscience and using brain-bases training strategies in the Interactive Metronome with children, adolescents and adults.


Sally has joined the Kids OT team as the Team Leader.  She graduated as an OT from Sydney Uni in 2000, and has worked in hospitals and rehabilitation centres both in Sydney and London, and has worked as a lecturer with OT students at Sydney Uni.  She is passionate about working with children, and their families, to ensure the best possible childhood and parenting experience possible.  Sally has a sister with autism and intellectual disabilities, so has a good understanding of the family experience of having a child with a disability.  Sally is also a mother of three young children, and enjoys playing, cooking, adventures and crafting with them.


Natasha was previously a Chartered Accountant, working in the financial services industry for 15 years when, through her volunteer work with children with disabilities, she decided on a change in career. Her volunteer experience exposed her to the discipline of Occupational Therapy and she saw first hand the difference that occupational therapists played in the lives of children and the families they worked with. Natasha undertook the Master of Occupational Therapy Program through University of Sydney and completed her studies at the end of 2013.

Natasha has always had a keen interest to work in the area of Paediatrics and enhanced her placement experience through a research assistant role for a paediatric ADHD social skills program at the University of Sydney.

Natasha has previously worked at a Paediatric practice in Bowral which provided Occupational Therapy services to children, from infants through to high school. Therapy sessions took a play-based, sensory integrative approach and she worked predominantly with children with challenging behaviours, ADD/ADHD, Autism and sensory processing difficulties and gained experience treating children in both individual and group sessions.

Katelyn graduated from the Sydney University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) and has always had a passion for working with children, working in many roles with children with varying abilities and strengths. Katelyn has also specialised in Therapeutic Listening, as well as the Developmental-Individual Relationship-based Floor Time approach. 

Katelyn decided to become an occupational therapist because of her passion to help people and the broad and diverse roles an occupational therapist can take on. Katelyn always wanted to work in paediatrics and took on a role in the Eastern Suburbs where her passion grew immensely. Moving over to the Kids OT team has been the best decision and she loves working in a team of passionate and energetic people in such a fun and rewarding environment. Katelyn is passionate about helping children with sensory processing challenges, developing children’s fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Katelyn loves seeing the progress children make and wants to ensure that every child and family receive the best therapy in order to reach their full potential.


Allanah is an energetic Occupational Therapist who is passionate about achieving learning and developmental goals for each child and their family through meaningful occupation. Allanah studied a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Following the completion of her studies, Allanah commenced her career within the Occupation Rehabilitation industry in Wollongong, providing a comprehensive range of rehabilitation, injury management and injury prevention services. Allanah is now an experienced therapist and strives to provide motivating and positive therapy outcomes for both individuals, group and school-based settings.


Samantha is a passionate and enthusiastic Occupational Therapist with a drive to make intervention meaningful for each child and their family. Samantha studied at the University of the Sunshine Coast, graduating 2016 with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. Samantha has worked with children for over 6 years as a learn to swim teacher while studying at university, working primarily with children living with ASD, ADHD, CP and Down Syndrome. Samantha has previously worked at a clinic in Coffs Harbour and Grafton gaining broad experience in different clinical settings. Samantha loves cooking, swimming, netball and spending time with family and friends.


Cameron is a driven and passionate Occupational Therapist who strives to provide meaningful and enjoyable intervention to provide children with the best possible opportunity for growth. Cameron’s passions lie with experiencing the world of professional medicine/allied health from a young age in his own family background and seeing first hand the importance of a client and family centred approach to therapy. Having graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Cameron has various experiences in the disability and play therapy sectors, alongside placements completed in disability, school-based and both public/private paediatric fields.


Elissa has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) from the University of Sydney. She has had consistent experience working with children with a variety of abilities, including providing occupational therapy services to children from low socioeconomic backgrounds in a rural school. Elissa has experience helping children with handwriting, developing fine and gross motor skills, and emotional regulation. She also has training and experience in using Positive Behaviour Support to support children to achieve success.