YoungHo Bae is not an occupational therapist registered with AHPRA instead he brings a background in Exercise and Sports science to our team. YoungHo holds a Bachelor of Exercises Science awarded from Australian Catholic University. Young Ho has been a significant member of the Kids OT team since 2007. Young Ho heads the Martial Methods team and Interactive Metronome. As a practitioner and Martial Arts Instructor, he is adored by the children he treats and highly respected by their families. His passion and enthusiasm shine in the results and smiles of the children. Young Ho has a background in Special Forces. He holds a black belt in Taekwondo and Judo and trains at professional levels in BJJ, Olympic wrestling and boxing. Young Ho has a particular interest in Neuroscience and using brain-based training strategies in the Interactive Metronome with children, adolescents and adults.



Our wonderful Martial Methods team!