Class Information

Please Note:

*Food not provided

**Parent observation cannot be accommodated

Handwriting Class

Handwriting and hand skills group are designed to develop your child’s handwriting through the development of a functional pencil grip, legibility, writing speed, spatial organisation and letter/number formations. It will aid in the development of muscle tone in the hands and fingers to facilitate isolated finger movements and assist with muscle fatigue. It will allow the child to practice strategies to complete a page of writing demonstrating well-structured ideas, fluency, correct punctuation, grammar (including tense) and improved handwriting legibility through a number of commonly written genres (including recounts, narratives, reports and expositions).

untitled-design-17Visual Learning & Memory Class

The visual Learning Group will be assisting in the development of your child’s visual perceptual skills; through areas of visual discrimination, visual memory, visual sequential memory, visual form constancy, visual-spatial relations, visual figure ground and visual closure. Visual perception is the underlying skills needed for reading and writing, thus this class will enhance your child’s ability to store, retain and recall information with accuracy, important for copying information, spelling, sequencing and visual processing speed. This group will also assist your child to decode, store, retain and then retrieve information effectively and efficiently. Strategies will be adapted to encode and decode information so it can be accessed more productively. These skills will enhance your child’s work memory which is important for learning sight words, comprehension task, developing social interactions and copying in class from the board more accurate, all critical for learning and performance of academic tasks.


h_muscleMuscle tone & Sports skills group

The muscle tone group will strengthen and develop your child’s muscles, including postural, upper limb, hands and fingers. Muscle tone will also assist in improving balance, posture, endurance and coordination. This will increase the child’s capacity to engage in gross motor tasks such as in sports, postural and core control for tabletop task, and fine motor coordination and speed, critical for written activities. This class will also help develop muscle strength, balance, motor planning, body awareness, coordination, postural control, midline crossing, the perception of movement and touch and auditory processing. These are all critical to perform everyday functions including walking, running, skipping, sports skills and playing in the playground.


Focus and Attention

Focus and attention is a group designed to teach children strategies to self-regulate at home and in the school environment. It will allow children to better recognise their level of arousal and how to effectively modulate this so it is appropriate to the circumstances and environment.


h_coreCore Group

Core group is designed to develop abdominal and back muscles that make up our core. This will assist in stabilising and aligning the body for improved seat posture needed for completion of tabletop task such as writing as well and gross motor activities. This will improve your child’s endurance and strength to complete tasks with decrease fatigue.


Social Skills

Social Skills group aims to set your child to learn and practice social engagement and interaction through safe and guided opportunities. Children will engage in social games, learning appropriate social cues, personal space, turn taking and sharing.